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A Change in Focus

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Earlier this week I realized that of the tanking blogs I’m subscribed to, the only ones that are still updating are 2 prot paladin blogs and a bear blog.

Upon googling for warrior tanking blogs, I found none on the first two pages that were still updating.

This will not stand.

Uncrittable was originally going to be a warrior blog, but I made it a class-agnostic venture because I didn’t think I could say anything that wasn’t already being said in the warrior tank community. This worked out fine when Cataclysm was in beta and I could give purely theoretical information, but between betas, theory and speculation really don’t cut it.

By declaring this an explicitly warrior-centric blog, I free myself of the obligation (but not the ability!) to discuss the other tanking classes; which reduces the amount of time I have to spend researching each post by well over 75%; which means more posts and less guilt.

So keep an eye on this space!

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5.0 Pre-Alpha Tanking Summary

October 26, 2011 Leave a comment

As you almost certainly know, Blizzard recently released pre-alpha information for WoW 5.0, The Mists of Pandaria. We as tanks have known that 5.0 would be a time of paradigm shift for us for quite a while, ever since Ghostcrawler confirmed that the active mitigation model he promised/threatened would not be present in patch 4.3; but we hadn’t expected the class system to experience such a paradigm shift as well. If you haven’t been keeping up with Blizzcon news, head over to MMO Champion to read the highlights.

As always for pre-release information, all of this may be subject to change.

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