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Looking For Direction

September 15, 2012 2 comments

I know I have a couple regular readers, so I thought I’d ask your opinion on this:

What should I do with my blog, since I’m not upgrading to Mists?

I’m currently leveling, very slowly, in Rift – would you like to hear about my Riftstalker adventures, and for this to eventually become a Riftstalker blog?

Would you prefer I use this blog to write my personal thoughts and ramblings, including but not limited to thoughts on politics, bad jokes, and whining?

Should I make this blog largely private, and use it to communicate about Project Mosasaur and/or the Adventure App?

Or should I stop posting to the blog, and leave it as a resource for those of you still playing on private servers set at earlier levels? (Yeah, I see you in my search statistics “protection warrior 3.3.5a talents” and “tanking addons for 2.4.3”).

Drop me a comment if you have an opinion.

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Bizarre Stat Priorities in 5.0.4

September 6, 2012 Leave a comment

There are just under 3 weeks left until Mists of Pandaria, and thus, just under 3 weeks during which your Humble Narrator must still concern herself with proper tanking form. I can’t work up the give-a-damn to completely rework my spreadsheet for less than a month of play – especially since most of the theorycrafting resources I rely upon, most notably Elitist Jerks’ rating conversions, have not updated their level 85 stat values, focusing instead on the upcoming level 90 formulae. I don’t begrudge them their focus on MoP – if I were upgrading, I’d focus on it too.

I’ll probably get the expansion eventually, once the sting of rage’s death has died down a little. Despite its increased power – I’m not so divorced from reality as to claim that the warrior changes weren’t a significant buff! – all I can see when I watch my rage bar stand, unmoved, in the face of a boss hit, is a mockery of the class I once loved.

To the point, and more importantly, on from the melodrama! Combat statistics received some major overhauls this patch, most notably with the introduction of the two-roll system for block; and of course, our own stat priorities widened to include hit and expertise.

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