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10% Physical Reduction

January 11, 2011 1 comment

As you know, a lot of buffs and debuffs were changed dramatically in 4.0.1. Categories of buffs were merged, buffs were strengthened and weakened to match each other, all that good nonsense.

Among the buff types that were completely changed were the AP debuff, which previously removed all or nearly all bonus attack power from a boss, and the -3% damage taken buff, which belonged to a couple healers and (at the time) a prot warrior’s Vigilance. The interesting thing to me was that they were changed into identical effects: 10% physical damage reduction. They were implemented in different ways – one as a debuff (-10% physical damage done by the mob) and one as a buff (-10% physical damage received by the player) – but given the amount of buff consolidation that was going on at the time I wondered if they would still stack.

Nobody else seemed to wonder. I guess I’m either really slow or a lateral thinker. Or a really slow lateral thinker.

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Stamina and the Vengeance Cap

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Tangedyn over at The Inconspicuous Bear – who is rapidly joining Zarko, Wrathblood and Theck in the ranks of Theorycrafters I Fangirl Over – has some interesting news about the Vengeance cap.

As originally advertised, Vengeance was supposed to cap at 10% of our max health; but no one was reporting reaching this cap, so it has been widely assumed that stacking stamina to increase the Vengeance cap would have no effect on threat, or in the case of bears, Savage Defense. If we weren’t reaching the Vengeance cap at our current levels of stamina, adding more would be a waste!

Well, it turns out that Vengeance is not linked to max health after all, because the underlying mechanics of Vengeance were not implemented as advertised. Instead of being based on health, Vengeance scales at a 1:1 ratio with stamina. (It also has a small contribution from base health, but base health cannot be modified, so there’s no scaling – just a tiny bit of naked vengeance). Word from the blues is that this is intended, and that Savage Defense is balanced around this lower Vengeance value.

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I’m Not Dead Yet

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

For anyone who may actually be checking this space, but doesn’t hang out in my guild IRC channel, know ye that I just spent the past little-over-a-week out of town, doing social things. Uncrittable isn’t shutting down for lack of content just yet – in fact, I have some neat numbers to show you in an easily digestible spreadsheet form once I put a few finishing touches on.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season, and that you got gobs of presents or whatever goodies you fancy. I’m off to play some more Minecraft.

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