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5.0 Pre-Alpha Tanking Summary

As you almost certainly know, Blizzard recently released pre-alpha information for WoW 5.0, The Mists of Pandaria. We as tanks have known that 5.0 would be a time of paradigm shift for us for quite a while, ever since Ghostcrawler confirmed that the active mitigation model he promised/threatened would not be present in patch 4.3; but we hadn’t expected the class system to experience such a paradigm shift as well. If you haven’t been keeping up with Blizzcon news, head over to MMO Champion to read the highlights.

As always for pre-release information, all of this may be subject to change.

Tanking-related bits I’d like to call your attention to:

  • New tanking spec, the Brewmaster Monk, will use leather gear (probably Agility) and no shields. No word on possible Monk masteries yet.
    • The races which can be Monks include Draenei, Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Pandaren, Blood Elves, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, and Forsaken.
  • New race, the Pandaren, with the Monk and Warrior classes as their tanking possibilities. This race will be available to both factions.
    • No Death Knights! The loretard in me is happy at this, and wishes that Blizzard had been willing to do the same for Worgen.
    • Pandaren racials applicable to raid tanking include a 50% reduction in fall damage taken, and a 100% increase in stats gained from Well Fed buffs.
  • Bear and Cat druids are being separated into two separate specializations, nixing the hybrid spec (and presumably reducing Bear DPS considerably).
  • The talent system is receiving a massive overhaul. Talent trees are being removed, replaced with 6 tiers of completely optional, largely utility talents available to all specs of the class. Spec-specific abilities and bonuses will be assigned passively as you level up.

Naturally I am very excited. A new tanking class! New tanking mechanics! New things to learn and speculate on! Wooo!

A couple more quick observations of my own, on tanking mechanics changes:

  • Judgements of the Just is currently still present as a Prot Paladin specialization passive, indicating that the attack speed slow debuff is likely still in the game at this point in development.
  • Demoralizing Roar has been modified beyond recognizability, and is now an AoE interrupt, indicating that the -physical damage debuff is likely no longer in the game, or possibly has been rolled in with the attack speed slow debuff. I highly doubt that the -physical damage debuff has been rolled into bears as a separate passive, as that would indicate either that a) all tanks’ -physical debuffs have been made passive, in which case what’s the point; or b) the devs thought bears needed their debuff application simplified, but think warriors should still have to apply theirs. (Assuming here that diseases will be important enough for 5.0 Blood DKs that Scarlet Fever would be considered passive).


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