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Looking For Direction

September 15, 2012 2 comments

I know I have a couple regular readers, so I thought I’d ask your opinion on this:

What should I do with my blog, since I’m not upgrading to Mists?

I’m currently leveling, very slowly, in Rift – would you like to hear about my Riftstalker adventures, and for this to eventually become a Riftstalker blog?

Would you prefer I use this blog to write my personal thoughts and ramblings, including but not limited to thoughts on politics, bad jokes, and whining?

Should I make this blog largely private, and use it to communicate about Project Mosasaur and/or the Adventure App?

Or should I stop posting to the blog, and leave it as a resource for those of you still playing on private servers set at earlier levels? (Yeah, I see you in my search statistics “protection warrior 3.3.5a talents” and “tanking addons for 2.4.3”).

Drop me a comment if you have an opinion.

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The Guildmother

August 26, 2011 Leave a comment

All day I’ve been worried sick about tonight’s raid.

I’ve been poring over the logs from last night’s Baleroc attempts, each healer’s in turn, looking for things they can improve on. I stopped on my way out the door to suggest to our beartank in /g that he pick up the Bedrock Talisman, since the proc is OP for the fight. I’ve been the kind of worrywart micromanager that I go out of my way not to be, normally. And there’s a good reason.

My little raid is leaving the nest.

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Quick update during a raid break

March 18, 2011 2 comments

We got a late start on our raiding this patch, so this is kind of late in the progression game, but:

One-shot Maloriak (normal) on our first attempt, when only one of us had seen the fight before.

Like a boss.

The Importance of an Audience

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I Realize What My True Calling in Life Is around once a month.

My most recent Realization Of My True Calling in Life has been that I really enjoy teaching people mathy-analytic stuff. This particular Realization etc. is a common one for me, as I did some TAing in college, but I never made the connection between it and this blog until today.

You may recall, if you’re one of my guildies or if you’ve gone back and read the archives (I wouldn’t recommend it), that I started writing this blog during Wrath’s end-of-expansion lull, when everyone was rolling and leveling alts. This gave me lots of baby guildie tanks to educate, and I ended up answering the same questions enough times that I just wrote them up and posted them here. But then Cata came, and with it, a return to leveling and gearing mains.

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In Which Lost City Brutalizes my Sanity

December 13, 2010 1 comment

For those of you just joining us, I’m going through the normal mode dungeons completely unprepared and without DBM, for the fun of learning the encounters through wiping. Please excuse any idiotic mistakes we made, because we literally don’t know any better.

Dear god they weren’t kidding when they said this was going to be harder.

OK, to be fair. We went in with 4/5 of the group undergeared according to the dungeon finder, and our one raiding DPS also underleveled. I was level 85 and nearing geared-enough-for-heroics, but Blanket (who was healing, as holy) had just dinged 84 and was drinking between most trash pulls as he became accustomed to his spells’ newly inflated costs.

We did OK until we got to High Prophet Barim, after easy kills of the first two bosses. Then we hit a wall of OOM.

First it was “OK I’m standing in Blanket’s good ground stuff WHY ISN”T IT HEALING ME OH GOD IT’S A WIPE.” Then we figured out that Blanket hadn’t been the one to put down the big bright circle, and so we should stay out of it. Next I tanked the big bird and tried to gather up the Soul Fragments too, but they kept disappearing and giving the bird health. OOM again, wipe. So then we tried DPSing the fragments down like on Bronjahm. Sorry, OOM, wipe. Try again. Again. We concluded that DPSing the fragments takes too long; kite them and burn the bird! We finally got to phase 3, but hey, OOM, wipe.

OOM, wipe.

OOM, wipe.

OOM wipe OOM wipe OOM wipe OOM wipe.

And me out of alcohol too. I could have used some. Read more…

Archaeology is Frustrating

December 7, 2010 2 comments

If there’s one thing that bugs me about leveling in WoW, it’s not having my professions trained to at or above a useful level. Maybe it’s because my main is a warrior, and I quickly learned that not having my First Aid trained up meant not getting heals in battlegrounds. Maybe it’s because that warrior is also an engineer, and the rate of obsolescence on vanilla engineering perks is so high that the coolest recipes stopped being useful as soon as you reached a level at which you could comfortably farm the mats. Whatever the reason, as soon as I heard of Archaeology I knew that my first few days in Cataclysm would be spent not questing, not instancing, but grinding Archaeology up to 450 so that I could level it naturally in the course of questing.

I hadn’t accounted for the fact that gathering now awards non-trivial amounts of XP.

At level 80, I was gaining just over 5000 XP per archaeology gather. This doesn’t sound like much until you consider how many gathers you have to make per skill-up. Each gather yields 2-3 fragments, plus a keystone if you’re lucky; and you need 35-100 fragments per artifact. (A keystone counts as 12 fragments, but you can only use them on certain artifacts, and on non-rare artifacts you can use a maximum of one per solve.) After archaeology level 75 or so, the actual gathers stop giving you skill-ups; you’re limited to skilling up from solves alone. Each solve gives 3-8 skillups, leaning heavily towards the lower side. It takes a rare artifact to give a significant number of skill-ups, and rare artifacts require more fragments anyway. This means that for every point of Archaeology skill at level 80, I was earning about 27,000 XP. And XP from gathering scales with level, so at level 81, I’m now making over 6000 XP per gather.

I’m now level 81 and 16%, up from level 80 and 4%, just from leveling Archaeology. And I’m not even to Outland yet. I’m beginning to fear that I’ll be stepping into the Cataclysm zones at level 84, wearing all Wrath gear. I’m seriously considering turning off XP at this point, because it’s looking like that’s the only way I’ll manage to have an organic leveling experience.

It’s important that you not take this the wrong way, because you will get very frustrated very quickly if you try leveling Archaeology as a way of powering to 85. Archaeology takes a long time to level. I played for 10 hours straight to get my archaeology to 213. You need to fly all around the appropriate continent(s), from digsite to digsite; and when you get to the digsite you need to triangulate the artifact’s location to within a yard via a game of Red Light, Green Light before you can pick it up.

Why this sucks

Did I mention that I’m moderately red-green color-blind?

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Awesome Kill Shots: Malygos Weekly

November 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Sorry for the crappy image quality. I have to play with pretty low settings due to my connection and machine.

Yes, I failed at Malygos. I got cocky about how the /follow macro strategy is for people who fail at dodging, and forgot that it’s also used because the AoE heal requires everyone to be grouped up. But I got an epic picture!