About the Blog

Uncrittable was originally a blog about tanking in World of Warcraft, with an emphasis on the warrior class.

Now it’s a blog about playing a Riftstalker in Rift: The Planes of Telara. Please excuse the no longer relevant name.

About the Author

Button was the guild leader and warrior main tank for Knights With Your Mum, a no-name Horde guild on US-Kael’thas. She joined WoW as an MMO noob during patch 3.1 (Wrath of the Lich King – Secrets of Ulduar), hit cap in patch 3.2, and began progression raiding in 3.3. After a couple months with a veteran group, she was kicked out over loot drama and put together a raid group of her own, which lasted until the end of 4.3, with a break during 4.0.

When Blizzard removed rage from damage taken from protection warriors in 5.0, Button no longer enjoyed her character and quit the game. She picked up Rift because she had loved Riftstalkers during open beta, but hadn’t had the time for a second MMO. She is currently leveling her Riftstalker and hopes to begin raiding in early 2013.

You can reach Button at: uncrittable at gmail dot com .

Ferrets of the Round

The Ferrets of the Round are those of Button’s friends, raid members and guildies who attend the guild IRC and often have something interesting to say. Pretty much all of these people fit on my list of “favorite people ever.” They’re commonly interested in lore, theorycraft, and making raiding fun.

All of the Ferrets either have blog-posting privileges on Uncrittable, or would if they had WordPress accounts.

Don’t ask me about the name “Ferrets of the Round”; that was Blanket’s idea.

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