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Rule of Thumb Guide to Garrison Building Priorities

November 13, 2014 Leave a comment

This was going to be a big fuck-off guide to which Garrison buildings and followers to go after, complete with introductions to a ton of concepts. But Warlords comes out in half an hour, and my friends are waiting for my recommendations, so instead here is the ultra-condensed version, which I may or may not expand upon sometime next week. (Work is slightly crazy for me right now.)

Priority Ranking for Small (Profession) Buildings

You get a total of 3 small buildings.

  1. If you don’t have any friends whose enchanting workshop you can bum off of, build the enchanting workshop. (If you’re the guild’s enchanter, take one for the team! CoughBlanketcough.)
  2. If you have alchemy and a source of herbs (or are level 96+), build the alchemy workshop.
  3. If you have jewelcrafting, build the jewelcrafting workshop.
  4. If you are are a tailor or a blacksmith, build that workshop.
  5. If you have both leatherworking and a source of skins, build the tannery.
  6. If you’re gearing this toon for raiding, build the salvage yard. (Available at lvl 96). You get your second plot around level 91, and don’t get your third plot until level 100, so if you reach this point in the list for your first or second workshop, just leave your second plot open.
  7. If you’re an engineer, build the engineering shop.
  8. If you have inscription and a source of herbs (or are level 96+), build the inscription workshop.
  9. If you wear cloth or plate, build that workshop.
  10. If you wear leather or mail and have a source of skins, build the tannery.
  11. If you’re a hunter, build the engineering shop.
  12. If you regularly use staves and have a source of herbs (or are level 96+), build the inscription shop.
  13. Build the enchanting workshop.

Incidentally, that “bumming off of” for the enchanting workshop? That’s the enchanter’s cauldron. It lets you disenchant gear even if you’re not an enchanter, which means save your BoP gear for disenchanting. Yes, guests to your garrison can use it, I tested it in beta.

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