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Shield tank damage reduction spreadsheet – updated for 4.2

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, I never did publish this in 4.0. And by 4.1, I figured it was pretty much unnecessary.

But 4.2 is coming up, and there have been some major changes in stat weights for plate tanks!

  • Agility is now worthless as a mitigation stat for plate tanks.
  • Parry from strength has been slightly increased.
  • Holy Shield has been redesigned away from 100% uptime, making the value of mastery to paladins more dependent on playstyle.

I feel like this is as good an excuse as any to release the damage reduction spreadsheet I keep alluding to. So here it is, in its full, updated-for-4.2 “glory:”


If you’re reading this in the future, the above link may be broken or out of date. Please see the Spreadsheets category for the most recent version.

The spreadsheet is appropriate for both paladins and warriors.

The main difference between my spreadsheet and the other gearing tools/spreadsheets I’ve seen for shield tanks is that it takes into account Shield Block (and now Holy Shield) uptime in its calculations, which slightly boosts the value of mastery, parry and strength for warriors* (and now mastery for paladins) the higher its uptime is.

Feel free to play around with the spreadsheet, and please point out any errors you notice.

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