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ffs Garrosh: Thrall’s Reaction

December 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Because I demanded it:

ffs Garrosh

Screenshot is from the Ulduar trailer.

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ffs Garrosh: New Orgrimmar

November 23, 2010 2 comments

I was so excited to unveil a new category, “ffs Garrosh” (the capitalization and lack thereof is important to the category!), that I didn’t do the research until I was already super excited about it.

Then I learned that the major thing I was /facepalming at Garrosh for doing is in fact fan speculation, not confirmed by Blizzard. Specifically, New Orgrimmar is officially constructed of Dark Iron, not Saronite. Though this does raise a lot of questions about Org’s trade routes given that Blackrock Mountain is surrounded by Alliance territory, it isn’t nearly as ridiculous as new Org being made out of Saronite, so I’m willing to give it some small measure of the benefit of the doubt.

Ah, who’m I kidding. I still think that’s a “ffs Garrosh,” but I didn’t discover that fact until the Ferrets of the Round had disbanded or moved on to other subjects. “Enjoy” our thoughts on the new Orgrimmar anyway. Read more…

The Light is Full of Assholes – Velen, the Draenei and K’ure

September 28, 2010 2 comments

I don’t care that your Light-worshipping character/pet NPC is a perfectly upstanding citizen with enough moral fiber to relieve a constipated angel. “The Light is Full of Assholes” does not mean “All Light Followers are Assholes;” it means “Many Light Followers are Assholes.” Given that the same could be said of any reasonably-sized group of people, this shouldn’t even need to be stated; but since sometime during the late Burning Crusade Blizzard has become so enamored of their Christianity expy that they appear incapable of acknowledging that anyone involved might be a colossal asshole.

Anyway, let’s talk about Velen, Prophet of the Naaru and leader of the draenei on Azeroth. He is held up by the community and by Blizzard as Spiritual Authority and All Around Good Guy.

When the Sunwell needed to be purified at the end of TBC, they brought him into Silvermoon to do the honors. He has had centuries of friendly contact with the physical manifestations of the Light, the Naaru. And he is a coward and a bigot, unfit to lead the Draenei people. Read more…