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ffs Garrosh: New Orgrimmar

I was so excited to unveil a new category, “ffs Garrosh” (the capitalization and lack thereof is important to the category!), that I didn’t do the research until I was already super excited about it.

Then I learned that the major thing I was /facepalming at Garrosh for doing is in fact fan speculation, not confirmed by Blizzard. Specifically, New Orgrimmar is officially constructed of Dark Iron, not Saronite. Though this does raise a lot of questions about Org’s trade routes given that Blackrock Mountain is surrounded by Alliance territory, it isn’t nearly as ridiculous as new Org being made out of Saronite, so I’m willing to give it some small measure of the benefit of the doubt.

Ah, who’m I kidding. I still think that’s a “ffs Garrosh,” but I didn’t discover that fact until the Ferrets of the Round had disbanded or moved on to other subjects. “Enjoy” our thoughts on the new Orgrimmar anyway.

The Economics of Saronite

Arb:    Hay hay Button
Arb:    Ver turned in Nefarian’s head. The new Org is completed :3
Button:    :3! DRAGONHEAD RARR
Button:    nicce
Arb:    Rawrawrawr
Arb:    :3
Button:    I’m pretty sure I’m gonna just gape at the new Org and be a little resentful.
Arb:    Awww. Cus you’re in class you mean?
Arb:    That’s pretty much what I’m doing in-game >>
Uth:    ^
Arb:    Except without, you know, the resentment :p
Button:    Nope. Be resentful of /facepalm goddammit Garrosh this was unnecessary
Arb:    Oh, yeah. Well… I thought so too. But you know, the new Org looks pretty damn cool >>
Arb:    So maybe I’ll give him a pass >>
Button:    And lemme guess, he still left the back entrance open
Uth:    actually the back entrance is a little less open cuz troll population skyrocketed
Uth:    but we have a new entrance to ashzara
Button:    It’s supposed to be made out of *Saronite*
Arb:    Lolwut?
Button:    He had to ship all of that metal back from Northrend by zeppelin
Arb:    That’s crazy
Button:    Do you have any idea how much that should have cost -_-
Button:    Org should be even more broke than Stormwind if economics made sense
Uth:    possibly. But the horde has a much more communal econ style than the alliance. Mebbe those peons didn’t get paid :-p
Button:    That’s true; peons are motivated by the cudgel, not with pay
Button:    But the Horde’s zeppelins to Northrend are operated by mercenary goblins
Button:    The shipping costs alone
Uth:    we sold land rights to ashzara
Button:    In-game, not until after the new Org has been built.
Button:    And not to the same goblins who are doing our shipping.
Uth:    well to be fair org construction is actually still ongoing

Defending Against Dragons

Button:    ffs Garrosh why are you waging war while your capitol is still weak
Button:    ffs Garrosh why did you add another entrance when even having 2 entrances was such a strategic weakness in the old Org
Button:    ffs Garrosh why are you such a brat
Button: sort of feels like ffs Garrosh should be an image meme
Button:    If anyone can get a screenshot of Thrall /facepalming I’d be most appreciative
Arb:    Wrynn declared war IIRC, not Garrosh
Arb:    That said, rebuilding the capital during a time of war is pretty darn stupid :p Especially doing it so lavishly
Arb:    That’s why Justinian failed so hard an an emperor
Uth:    well the elemental invasion junk burned most of it down
Uth:    so they had to rebuild it
Button:    I suppose that’s true
Arb:    Hmm, good point
Uth:    and metal isn’t a bad idea when your wooden city burned down
Uth:    however using SARONITE is a bit WHOOOA THERE FELLA
Button:    Wish Garrosh had spent less money on giving all of his metal buildings GIGANTIC SPIKES and more on fortification
Arb:    Um… psychological warfare? :p
Button:    Though I guess GIGANTIC SPIKES could be a fairly good defense against air cavalry
Button:    Or dragons
Arb:    Hmm, good point
Button:    Since Blade’s Edge mountains have shown us that dragons have shit navigation when it comes to GIGANTIC SPIKES
Arb:    Lawlawl
Arb:    You don’t see Deathwing landing in Org, do you? ;)
Arb:    Actually, the dragons in Blade’s Edge Mountains were impaled on the spikes after they were killed
Arb:    Ogre trophies.
Arb:    Or were impaled on the spikes in the process of killing them
Uth:    gruul trophies actually
Arb:    Yas
Uth:    however…giant spikes on your fortifications tend to make using most siege engines impossible?
Uth:    siege towers for example
Button:    How’s that?
Uth:    “Sir, we can’t get to the wall..There are giant spike in the way”
Arb:    They look too big to defend against person-sized enemies, to me
Arb:    People could just go around them
Arb:    Would probably work on dragons, though
Uth:    against person sized yes
Uth:    but like a big ol siege tower, couldn’t approach the wall
Button:    Well I’m not against the giant spikes on the walls, but giant spikes on all your buildings is kind of pushing it
Arb:    Yeah, that’s kind of silly
Button:    For any purpose except defending against dragons/large air mounts
Button:    Probably just large air mounts tbh, dragons would just hover and burn.
Uth:    burn what?
Button:    Unless saronite is a realllly good insulator.
Uth:    the saronite encased buildings?
Button:    It’s dragon flame, it doesn’t need fuel.
Button:    Metal is usually a very good conductor of heat.
Button:    You’d cook them in their houses.
Uth:    saronite is cold though
Uth:    part of why the lich king liked it so much
Karo:    i suspect it insulates really well, yeah
Karo:    i mean you have to take it into icc to forge
Arb:    Saronite is mystically cold?
Arb:    That… sounds like a TERRIBLE building material
Arb:    Your people would be cold all the time :p
Uth:    i doubt it eminates cold
Button:    No you don’t Karo, I forge saronite in org all the time.
Button:    At normal forges.
Karo:    but not for quel’dalar you don’t :P
Button:    Quel’delar forces you to forge saronite inside ICC?
Karo:    not as such, no
Karo:    but you have to go pick up saronite from near ick & krick
Karo:    and then go to FoS
Karo:    and then HoR for whatever reason
Karo:    all of which are in ICC, just not in the raid instance
Uth:    shadow’s edge does
Button:    You don’t forge it, Darion does.
Uth:    for the primo saro gotta do it in icc something something
Button:    And it’s made clear that it’s a difference of grade. Primo saronite != regular saronite, and I seriously doubt org is made of primo saronite.
Blanket:    If it is I’m scraping off the walls for tier gear.
Uth:    i know the guys at argent stand in zul’drak talked about how they couldn’t forge saro at all
Button:    Hm, I’d forgotten about that Uth.
Arb:    That’s true. I assumed that was earlier in the lore timeline though
Button:    Yeah, I guess that’s what I assumed too.
Arb:    Before they learned how
Button:    It was available but not common
Button:    Zul’drak was a cobalt zone
Uth:    nah it was when saronite was available
Uth:    and after you quested in areas like dragonblight where fortifications in this style existed
Button:    That’s true, but I believe those were made of iron in the same architectural style.
Uth:    but anyways, there are also plenty of later quests where only scourge forges can be used for saronite stuff
Uth:    used as the explanation behind stealing alot of saronite weapons and whatnot instead of the normal ‘we need more gear’ its the ‘we need gear that we can’t reproduce’

Not Saronite After All Actually

Button:    Hmmmm… could have sworn new Org was made of saronite, but I’m having trouble finding corroboration.
Karo:    i thought so too actually
Karo:    but i dun remember why
Button:    OK, after a bit more googling I have an answer about Org
Button:    Namely, it isn’t confirmed to be saronite
Button:    It’s officially said to be dark iron, with a *lot* of speculation and a couple dev hints that it might have some saronite in it.
Button:    But the dev hints were very vague and could have just referred to the building style being more along the lines of what you saw in Northrend.
Button:    So, a bit less of a “ffs Garrosh”
Button:    Which is too bad, because I just made a category on my blog named “ffs Garrosh” and was looking forward to writing in it.
Arb:    :D

Defending the Warchief

Arb:    Huh, the Valley of Wisdom has a bunch of tauren in it now
Arb:    Wonder where Garrosh lives
Uth:    valley of strength
Karo:    yes.
Karo:    right in the middle.
Karo:    because three entrances to org didn’t make it quite easy enough to invade.
Uth:    actually garrosh is in an easier to defend spot than thrall was
Uth:    thrall they could backdoor easily, garrosh its so painfully easy for us to reinforce
Arb:    Ah
Button:    Thrall at least had boss-level backup.
Button:    (ffs Garrosh)

  1. Ryzell (Kilrogg-US)
    December 1, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Button I really enjoyed reading this blog. I have bookmarked it. Please keep it up :)

    ffs Garrosh…LOL

    That is all.

  1. December 5, 2010 at 11:59 pm

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