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Shield Tank Spreadsheet v. on Google Docs

Hello my lovelies,

After nearly a month without a computer I’m back in business, with a shiny ‘new’ desktop. Raiding is now prettier, but significantly less comfortable.

At the request of some guildies who don’t have Excel, I have uploaded the DR spreadsheet to Google Docs, and done the necessary adjustments to make it functional and user-friendly in that environment. None of the math has changed since I uploaded the Excel version of, so you should use whichever format you prefer.

Any future updates to the spreadsheet will be done in parallel on Google Docs and the Excel version.

Directions for Using a Google Docs Spreadsheet

  1. If you don’t have a Google Account (e.g. a Gmail login, a Google+ login, an iGoogle login), you won’t be able to use the spreadsheet online. You have two options:
  2. Once you are signed in to a Google Account, a few extra options open up for you. At the top left corner of the spreadsheet is the File menu. Open it, and select “Make a Copy…”.
  3. You now have an editable copy of the spreadsheet saved to your personal account!
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