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Shield Tank Spreadsheet v.

If you’re reading this in the future, this spreadsheet may be broken or out of date. Please see the Spreadsheets category for the most recent version.

If I’d been a little more timely in updating this space, this would have been version, but whatever – it’s not like warriors or paladins received any survivability changes in this patch or in the recent hotfixes.

Here’s the most recent iteration of my spreadsheet: damagereduction_4.2.2.0

Changes from version

  • Fixed an error in combat table calculation which was doubling the penalties against enemies above level 85;
  • Expanded supported food buffs to include Strength food and +60 stat options;
  • Added a flask field, including elixir options and toggleable Mixology bonus (Prismatic Elixir is not included because it has no effect on physical damage).

I hope anyone who’s actually using my spreadsheet finds it helpful and informative!

I have a few ideas for improving the spreadsheet in the future. Please keep in mind that these are not promises, just ideas. I reserve the right to not implement any or all of these for any reason whatsoever, including my own laziness.

  • Refining Hold the Line uptime calculation;
  • Allowing the user to input a non-default Hold the Line uptime (presumably based on logs);
  • Adding spell damage reduction support;
  • Automated dodge/parry reforge optimization;
  • A proc evaluation tool;
  • And of course, support for future mechanics changes.
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