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The Guildmother

All day I’ve been worried sick about tonight’s raid.

I’ve been poring over the logs from last night’s Baleroc attempts, each healer’s in turn, looking for things they can improve on. I stopped on my way out the door to suggest to our beartank in /g that he pick up the Bedrock Talisman, since the proc is OP for the fight. I’ve been the kind of worrywart micromanager that I go out of my way not to be, normally. And there’s a good reason.

My little raid is leaving the nest.

Starting today I have evening classes on Fridays, from 6 to 10 server – and our second raid night is Fridays at 9. I’ve had this professor before, and I know she expands her lectures to fit whatever time is given her; so I’m going to be missing at half of our raids until mid-December.

As the raid’s first night without me approaches, I’m running around frantically, bothering the new raid leader every half hour or so. Do you have a replacement lined up for me? Oh wait, tonight will be Baleroc and Rhyolith, you only need one tank, that’s good. Do you have any questions about strategy? I’ll be in IRC during class so if you need any advice or want to bounce something off me let me know. If you end up needing a replacement for someone, or if you just can’t find a decent tank for a Friday night, I’ll be back around 10:30 and I promise I will rush home so you aren’t in need any longer than you have to be. Have you looked at the World of Logs parses from last night? It looks like the heal that triggers Vital Flame doesn’t benefit from the +Healing Power effect, so let all the healers know so they can adjust their patterns accordingly. That 60% wipe last night was because our rshaman’s GHW, which I needed to be topped up for Decimation Blade, only hit me for 29k because it was the triggering heal. Let him know to start out his tank healing phase with an Unleash Elements so he doesn’t have to hold off on Riptide/Tidal Waves for Spark stacking. Oh wait, our healadin will be making it tonight. According to wowhead comments Beacon doesn’t trigger Vital Flame so tell him not to worry about beaconing the tank, and be sure to let him know that he should trigger with an instant cast since this will be his first time healing it. Also I’ve heard that Beacon gains spellpower as though the healadin had Vital Flame even as he stacks sparks, so maybe he should be the dedicated Decimation healer – on the other hand the shaman doesn’t have a mic so healer switches will be harder to coordinate, be sure to ask them what they think of that. Be extra careful on the trash before Baleroc, since you’ll only have one tank!

Since late ICC my public guild info has been “Is not your mother”, a change I made out of frustration when I had to hold our rogue’s hand every step of the way as we broke him of his gear score addiction. Since that time it’s become something of a joke among the Ferrets of the Round, especially our benevolent troll, Blanket, who has dubbed me the Guildmother. Now, as I watch my precious raid take its first steps without me, I realize just how true that name is.

To my raid: I’m sure you’ll do great in there on your own. Please excuse your Guildmother her fussing – I only do it because I love you, and want everything to be perfect for my lovelies.

Did you remember to pack a lunch? Eat your vegetables, don’t stay up too late, and remember to put Neosporin on your burns right away so they don’t get infected. And give those elementals hell from me!

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