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In Which Lost City Brutalizes my Sanity

For those of you just joining us, I’m going through the normal mode dungeons completely unprepared and without DBM, for the fun of learning the encounters through wiping. Please excuse any idiotic mistakes we made, because we literally don’t know any better.

Dear god they weren’t kidding when they said this was going to be harder.

OK, to be fair. We went in with 4/5 of the group undergeared according to the dungeon finder, and our one raiding DPS also underleveled. I was level 85 and nearing geared-enough-for-heroics, but Blanket (who was healing, as holy) had just dinged 84 and was drinking between most trash pulls as he became accustomed to his spells’ newly inflated costs.

We did OK until we got to High Prophet Barim, after easy kills of the first two bosses. Then we hit a wall of OOM.

First it was “OK I’m standing in Blanket’s good ground stuff WHY ISN”T IT HEALING ME OH GOD IT’S A WIPE.” Then we figured out that Blanket hadn’t been the one to put down the big bright circle, and so we should stay out of it. Next I tanked the big bird and tried to gather up the Soul Fragments too, but they kept disappearing and giving the bird health. OOM again, wipe. So then we tried DPSing the fragments down like on Bronjahm. Sorry, OOM, wipe. Try again. Again. We concluded that DPSing the fragments takes too long; kite them and burn the bird! We finally got to phase 3, but hey, OOM, wipe.

OOM, wipe.

OOM, wipe.

OOM wipe OOM wipe OOM wipe OOM wipe.

And me out of alcohol too. I could have used some.

The DPS started making noises about maybe we really aren’t geared for this. I guess I made some similar noises too, but I’m stubborn so we tried it again. And again. And again.

I really should have counted the number of times we wiped on High Priest Barim. I do know that I was shaking by the time we finally got him down, and the early instance trash started respawning shortly thereafter.

Wiping on Barim was like wiping on no boss I’ve worked on to date, with the possible exception of our late-10% buff Putricide attempts. In raids, you wipe to mistakes. Someone was too close to the raid and we all got frost tombed, wipe. Crap I got too close to someone who already had the disease, healer down, struggle, wipe. Wiping repeatedly is useful because it’s practice. Once we get the execution down, we’ve got the boss. Even on wipes to enrage timers, well, that’s a matter of DPS execution: do your rotation better, time your procs right. Once we get the execution down, we’ve got the boss.

Barim was full of wipes to healer mana. “Good enough” was never good enough, and when we finally got him down, it wasn’t because we were playing any better than the attempt before that or the attempt before that – it was because in phase 1, he never targeted melee with the laser beam. Only having to heal one person’s laser reaction time damage each time was the difference between the kill and at least 3 of the wipes that preceded it. The majority of our wipes didn’t help us learn – just crushed our spirits.

Sure, we as a group probably weren’t playing perfectly. Only one of the DPS was a raider, and he was level 83; the others were a friend of former raiders and a cheerful random adoptee respectively, and we probably covered for their lack of experience. But damn. If this is what playing in the shadow of healer mana is like – and if the danger of going OOM is as real and present in raiding as the blues have made it sound – this tier of raiding is going to be intense. I’m pretty sure I’m not prepared.

Oh yeah, we OOM-wiped on Siamat, the final boss, a couple times too. There were adds and people standing in bad, but it wasn’t nearly so difficult as Barim. Honestly, I think I was too exhausted from Barim to feel oppressed by Siamat.

  1. December 14, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    I feel the need to clarify my thoughts on this a bit, so I here repost a comment I made on Reversion’s article on healer mana:

    No offense taken! Though I don’t see where the contradiction lies between “we wiped a bunch due to healer going OOM” and “some people were carried.” In fact, I think those go very naturally together: if we didn’t have to cover for mistakes on some group members’ parts, the healer wouldn’t have OOMed and we wouldn’t have wiped. Sure, we didn’t successfully cover for all the mistakes every time – thus the wiping. But we did get through the instance eventually.

    I didn’t mean that had everyone been experienced we wouldn’t have had to do our part to save healer mana, just that if everyone had been experienced there would have been a little more breathing room and we wouldn’t have wiped so much. The goal should always be to play perfectly, but everyone makes mistakes; and in this sort of situation, you have a ceiling of the total number of mistakes the group can make in an encounter and still survive. It’s easy to visualize when you think of it as a filling meter, like Blood Power on H Saurfang.

    When someone is making more than their share of mistakes – that is, more than (total mistakes the healer can handle)/5 – the rest of the group has to cover for them by making fewer mistakes. For example, at least one of our less experienced DPS would back out of the lasers instead of strafing out. Every time that happened, that was one or two fewer mistakes the rest of us could make before the Mistake Meter filled up and the healer was OOM. Covering or carrying does exist in this environment when one or two people make more than (mistakes you can live through ceiling)/5 – because if they weren’t being carried/covered for, that is if everyone was performing at their level, there’s no way they could clear the content.

    I don’t mean to be overly harsh on the people making mistakes in that LCT run – the mistakes they were making were mostly matters of high twitch time and inefficient movement. Had we all been geared, their mistakes would have been livable, easily. It was just that because the group was mostly undergeared, the Mistake Meter was capped very low. Remember, when we went to LCT our gear and levels were such that I was the only one the dungeon finder would have allowed to queue for it. The healer didn’t have enough mana to cover for mistakes, but also didn’t have enough mana to let people who made mistakes die (because then he’d go OOM from sheer encounter length).

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