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Awesome Kill Shots: Heroic Festergut Screw Up

Happy Halloween everybody!

For your treat, here’s an Awesome Kill Shot with a spooooky ghost.

OK. What happened here was that our hunter, Tendron (who’s been tearing up the Beastmaster rankings over at World of Logs, go check him out), was delayed by an unfortunate turn of events at his job. We didn’t want to replace our top DPS, so we figured we’d go ahead and nine-man H Festergut and H Rotface while we waited. We picked up a hunter from the guild who had just hit 80 earlier that morning, since it didn’t seem fair to waste anyone’s lockout who would reasonably be able to get into an ICC pug.

The loss of ~10k DPS meant that we were going to need an extra taunt on the boss – normally I take him first, Uth taunts at 7 or 8 stacks to ease the healing transition, and we get him down while I’m at a couple stacks for the second time. This pattern is common enough that Uth had rarely or never taunted a second time; and so when I hit 7 stacks again, he taunted again, with stacks still on him, and blew up shortly thereafter, taking the melee (and the priest who was inside giving us the spore) with him. To his credit, he says he checked for the debuff and didn’t see it, so it was partly a debuff display bug.

So we had less than 30 seconds before I exploded, one healer down and only one DPS up. (Jessyka was our new 80 and had died of insufficient health pool much earlier in the fight, and I have no idea how Bayleaf died. We weren’t logging.) And everyone really stepped up to the plate. Fester went down after I exploded, but before he could hit anyone else. I think Jatz, Zal and Erin all died of insufficient healing through raid damage, as they were all at range; I suspect both healers saw me go down and just unloaded everything they had on the boss.

All in all it was a pretty epic boss kill, and we got Jessyka some heroic epic boots to wear with her blues and Headless Horseman gear.

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