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Awesome Kill Shots: Shaman “Solos” Marrowgar

Welcome to the first installment of a new category, Awesome Kill Shots.

I think the name of the feature says it all.

Take that!

This was a normal mode Marrowgar kill in a group comprised of alts of people from the main group, a couple of mains from the guild who don’t qualify for the main run (due to gear, skill, raid comp or simple lack of room), and a few puggers.

Our group 2 has the opposite problem from our group 1: while our group 1 has always hurt for tanks and been overflowing with healers, we have plenty of tanking alts and it seems like my shaman is the only healer who can make group 2 reliably. So this kill was the result of us 2-healing Marrowgar with pretty low DPS, one barely geared tank, and a pugged healadin who… I don’t even know what his problem was. It seemed like he only stepped in to help when someone was spiked. I spent the whole fight spamming the tanks. We didn’t have any healing problems further on in the wing, so maybe he was wearing PVP gear or something.

Anyway, a few DPS went down because I was too busy keeping the tanks up, then I went down. I ankhed back up, but in a couple minutes more the other healer went down, and then a tank went down too. My frantic spamming wasn’t enough to save him, and Marrowgar started one-shotting the remaining DPS one at a time. But the “Bone Storm” timer was ticking, and his health was in the 5-digits. I shouted “Don’t release!” over vent, dropped my fire ele, and ran away from the boss. Sure enough, he whacked the last DPS but before he could bob over to me, it was time to BOOONE STOOOOOORM – which bought me the time to flame shock and fire ele him down. Booya!

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