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To All Of You Googling For Uncrittable 4.0.1

You probably don’t want to see my ramblings on tanking. You probably just haven’t been keeping up with 4.0 developments and are now scrambling to find resources on how to become uncrittable. Here you go.

The only way to become uncrittable in PVE in 4.0.1 is to fully talent Bastion of Defense (warrior), Improved Blood Presence (death knight), Thick Hide (bear druid), or Sanctuary (paladin). The defense stat has been removed from the game, and resilience no longer reduces your chance to be crit.

Technically, if you had large enough stats to reforge on your gear, a paladin  could also become uncrittable by stacking avoidance and mastery to the point where his combined dodge, parry, block, and miss chance added up to 102.4% (with holy shield).

A paladin with 20% dodge and 20% parry (reasonable numbers – before reforging I had 21% and 22% or so, and I gear for stam and armor) on top of the base 4.7% chance to be missed, with Holy Shield up (15% to block) and only the base 8 mastery at level 80 (21% block), would only have to reforge 10.85 mastery to reach the magical 102.4% that is Unhittable. In practice it would be slightly more, as you’d be reforging some of your dodge and avoidance into mastery; but unhittable should definitely be reachable for protadins on live right now. However, Sanctuary gives important benefits besides just the chance to not be crit, so while you could technically be uncrittable without Sanctuary at 102.4% avoidance+block, you’d have to be kind of dumb to spec out of it.

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