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The Diseaseless Blood DK

Diseaseless blood tanking has come up once before, and with Death Strike no longer scaling with diseases, it’s looking awfully attractive again. My cotank in our HICC 10  run, Uth, ran diseaseless last night; here are our impressions.

The basic idea of Diseaseless is that 1 Death Strike takes the same runes as 1 Frost Fever and 1 Plague Strike. By Death Striking instead of applying diseases, you gain a significant amount of self-healing and absorption throughout a fight. Naturally, without diseases you lose a decent chunk of threat; it’s up to you whether the tradeoff is worth it. (Don’t let the name of the spec fool you, though: you can still apply diseases in situations that call for them, most notably on trash.)

By the way, you should only run diseaseless if you are absolutely sure that a) your cotank is willing to apply the attack speed and -physical damage debuffs, and b) your cotank knows you’re running diseaseless, so they know to apply the debuffs. A slight increase in healing does not compare to a large reduction in damage taken.

Anyway, here’s my cotank’s Diseaseless build.

I probably would have gone with Blood-Caked Blade instead of RP Mastery, since Glyph of Death Strike tops out at 100, but whatever.

In practice, the Diseaseless build went all right. On trash the loss of Crimson Scourge was deeply felt, and I had to pick most of the mobs up with my Blood and Thunder!. (Sorry, can’t say the name of that talent/effect without the male orc voice). The loss of single-target threat was small but noticeable, as I had to stop dps a few times on Saurfang to keep from overtaking him. The healers didn’t have any comment on his healability relative to the standard build, primarily because they’ve not healed the standard build yet this patch; Uth has returned to a Diseased build for tonight’s raid, so we should have a better idea of how the two compare after that.

Over all I’d say that blood DK tanking received a major buff this patch.

[13:13] Button: Hey hey Blanket, who was easier to heal last night, me or Uuf?
[13:14] Blanket: I really had no healing issues with anyone until shit happened due to mistakes.
[13:15] Button: Not asking if there were issues, asking if either of us was easier. For a writeup of the Diseaseless blood build for mah blag.
[13:16] Blanket: That feeds directly into the question.  No idea really.  Neither of you were causing problems UNTIL bad stuff happened.  Like oneshots or bloodbeast fuckups.
[13:16] Blanket: However, something can be taken from that.  Usually Uth gives me trouble.
[13:16] Blanket: I had no trouble with him.
[13:16] Blanket: Aside from him getting pancaked on the Alliance Gunship.
[13:16] Blanket: Stop doing that.  3:<

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