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A few thoughts on prot warriors in 4.0.1

Yes, I know my DK tanking article is way overdue. It’s partially completed – it’s been partially completed for over a week now, though it has crept along in fits and starts – and I hope to have it up before the servers are tomorrow. A combination of real life and laziness has conspired to keep it from you. But these thoughts about warriors are on my mind right now, and I think I’ve got to get them out in order to get down to the DK business.

First, it’s been confirmed that Glyph of Furious Sundering does not affect Devastate, so that’s off the table entirely. I had an idea that it wouldn’t when I wrote the official article, but I didn’t feel like doing the research. My bad.

Second, last I heard on the PTR you could Intervene yourself, making Safeguard a very powerful 30-second survival cooldown. This is most likely not intended.

Now, the meat of what I wanted to talk about: Blood and Thunder, Incite and Impending Victory.

Now I had intended to take Blood and Thunder even for a raid tanking spec. I figured that on live, I use Thunder Clap fairly frequently on bosses for the attack speed slow, so Blood and Thunder would allow me to keep a single Rend up through the entire fight with no extra effort, which naturally would be an insane increase in damage per GCD. But a couple days ago I realized that warriors have the only active attack speed slow: DKs, bears, and pallies all apply their slow as a passive benefit of attacks they’d be using anyway. In 3.3 I’ve been responsible for the buff because my Thunder Clap is fully improved whereas my cotank’s Frost Fever is not; but with fully improved versions baseline for both DKs and warriors, and easily accessible in bear and pally specs, a raiding warrior will rarely have any reason to apply Thunder Clap on a single-target boss fight. And without regular Thunder Claps to refresh the Rend, there’s not really any point to Blood and Thunder in single target.

I could still see taking Blood and Thunder for a general spec, and I’m probably still going to talent into it because it’s so damn cool. If you find yourself regularly raiding with a paladin or druid cotank who wants to spec out of Infected Wounds/Vindication in favor of other talents, it could even be useful in raiding. But for the most part I think this is going to be a vanity talent rather than an actual, good talent.

Of course, you’ll need either 2 points in Blood and Thunder or 2 points in Incite to advance up the prot tree. I’m still in the process of simming Incite, and though I’m approaching it primarily from a DPS (arms) perspective, I think I’ve gained some insight (har har). At this point, I’d estimate that Incite would have the greatest benefit in the 15-25% base crit range, so with the passive part of the talent you would have a 30-40% chance for a HS to crit and proc the Incite. Raid buffs, however, should leave a prot war around ~6% base crit, which I would estimate is too low for us to really see the benefit of Incite. I could be wrong though.

Now, Impending Victory. There’s a lot of meh about this on the blagosphere, which I think is probably warranted for the experienced, highly-progressed folks who make up most of the warrior bloggers. They have excellent DPSers and almost certainly at least one of those fancy healadins in their raids. I, on the other hand, have been wiping on Heroic Saurfang at less than 20% (with 2 marks out) for a couple weeks now. Something goes wrong, someone makes a mistake, and all of a sudden either a tank or a mark goes down. And I swear and hate myself for being so hard on the healers and desperately wish I had some sort of self-healing I could use below 20% to help them out. That’s why I’m excited about Impending Victory. It may not be a great raiding talent over all, but it helps solve the problem I’m currently stuck on, and that makes it worthwhile for me to spec into.


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