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Tanking Specs for 4.0.1 – Introduction

By Boubouille’s estimation over at MMO-Champion, patch 4.0.1 could be hitting live servers as soon as October 5th. For those of you not familiar with Blizzard’s numbering system, 4.0.1 will be the pre-Cataclysm patch, in which all of the mechanics, ability and talent changes of Cataclysm are implemented without any new content. It will lay the groundwork for the expansion and allow players to acclimate to the shape of it all before we’re asked to perform our best in new content.

So let’s talk about the new tanking talent trees.

A word before we start – I’m going to use a slightly unusual color scheme to code talents.

  • Red: Don’t take this talent. It is a bad talent for tanking and you should not take this ever.
  • No outline: Either this talent is out of range of a level 85 character (anything above the 2nd tier of the offspec trees falls under this category), or the talent provides a minor benefit that would only be worth speccing into for trash or in bizarre circumstances.
  • Yellow: This is an iffy talent. Maybe it provides a relatively low benefit per point; maybe its usefulness will depend on how the new rules are balanced; maybe it’s situational, but for a common enough situation that it might be worth grabbing.
  • Green: Probably really good talents. I’d spec into these by default, but it’s possible that tuning issues or encounter design will make them superfluous.
  • Blue: Definitely really awesome talents. Pretty much any build you make will want these. NB: Raid benefits are included as blue talents, but if you’re running with a regular group on the content you care about, you may want to drop them. However, raid benefit talents in Cataclysm generally come with minor perks to the player as well, so doublecheck before you spec out of them.

In the interest of readability, I’m splitting this into 5 articles – this hub and then one article for each class. Let’s begin!

Skip to: WarriorDruidPaladinDeath Knight

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