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Pet Raid Benefits in Cataclysm

Author’s Note: This is the last sixth or so of a much longer post, which I originally released as one gargantuan wall of text. You may want to start with part 1.

Pet Raid Benefits in Cataclysm

If you’re curious about the full scope of pet raid benefits in Cata, you can find all of the as-yet data mined ones at mmo-champion.com. I’m only going to be talking about the tanking debuffs.

I understand (and approve of!) Blizzard’s motivation for diversifying and strengthening hunter pet raid benefits. I think it’s great that they’re giving hunters a reason to have to think about their pet choices, giving animal lovers and RPers an excuse to raid with their favorite pet, and giving raid leaders a way to fill in their missing benefits by having their hunters switch their pets around. That said, I have some concerns.

First, regarding the tanking debuffs. As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a big fan of the carrion bird family; this is because unlike all the other AP debuffs, Demoralizing Screech doesn’t cost talent points. It does come with an opportunity cost – that 160 personal and pet AP for the hunter – but compared to the potential losses for the other potential providers, that’s absolutely miniscule. Even warriors and ret paladins, who have to choose between talenting their raidwide AP (or health) buffs and talenting their AP debuffs, are giving up 168 AP (or 563 health) raid-wide.

In Cataclysm, though, the fully-improved debuff will be baseline for bears and all warriors, a natural choice to get up the tree for blood tanks, and provide an interrupt for protadins. Nearly all tanks will be able to provide a physical damage debuff; and you always have to bring tanks to raids. The same goes for attack speed slows. As a result, bears, foxes and tallstriders will all be absolutely useless in raiding, as will carrion birds if they receive the 10% damage reduction treatment. For bears, this makes a certain amount of sense; they’re Tenacity pets, so you really shouldn’t bring them to a raid. Demoralizing Roar is a tanking cooldown for soloing, not for raiding. Foxes, tallstriders and carrion birds, though, are all Ferocity pets – intended for group PVE. Giving them raid benefits that will already be accounted for in any viable group is relegating them to uselessness.

Off-topic from tanking, I also question the wisdom of giving important, rare raid benefits to Beast Mastery pets. I know that the idea here is that Beast Mastery players should have more powerful pets, but in some cases (yes, I’m thinking of the Core Hound ability Ancient Hysteria – who isn’t?) I think it’s overkill. In 10-man raids it’s not uncommon to find yourself with neither a shaman nor a mage, and I’m afraid that giving such a powerful benefit to Beast Mastery will practically force hunters pugging 10-mans to off-spec BM.

In Conclusion

Attack speed debuffs are good. Every tank class has one, most tank classes spec to fully improve them. In Cataclysm, classes that have them baseline won’t need to improve them.

Attack power debuffs are good. They’re currently provided by a number of different specs, but everyone has to lose something in order to provide a fully improved version, so no one wants to bite the bullet. In Cataclysm, the AP debuff has been reworked into a physical damage reduction debuff, classes that have them baseline won’t need to improve them, and all tanking specs will have access to the debuff.

Pets with tanking debuffs are good in Wrath, and you should remember them and consider them for your raid; however, if they continue to provide tanking debuffs in Cataclysm, they will be useless and you will be bad (or carrying baddie tanks) if you use them.

Wall of text crits for 4351 damage.

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