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Dear Lindy, Pt 1

Dear Lindy,

I’m a warrior tank with about a 5.2k gear score. Last week I signed on with a pug ICC10, as off tank. Everything seemed to be going very well until we got to the trash before Lady Deathwhisper, when the main tank snapped at me for taunting trash off of him. Was it wrong of me to do so? It’s not like I didn’t trust him to do his job – I was only trying to get rage.

Taunting in Taurajo

Dear Taunting dear Taunting you have no- ahem, sorry.

Dear Taunting,

Tank personality conflicts over minor issues have been a part of this game since the very beginning, and are unlikely to die down anytime soon. The best way to deal with it is to not sweat the small stuff, and to be agreeable to people in positions of authority. If the main tank asks you not to taunt, even if you have every reason to taunt, you don’t taunt. You can question the orders and point out flaws, but once combat starts, you follow them.

That said, I suspect that your main tank was unclear about what was bothering him. Few people will miss one add of many they’re tanking, so I suspect you taunted your MT’s main target. Just as you felt useless when you didn’t have aggro on anything, he may have felt nearly as useless, and snubbed to boot, when a mob he had been cultivating aggro on was stolen from him. You can avoid this kind of faux pas by selecting your taunt target carefully. Instead of just taunting any target, tab through a couple of potential targets and try to find a mob which has received less attention than the others. There are also addons that can help with this; I personally use TankMastery. Among its many options, you can configure it to display not only whether your current target is safely targeting a tank, but also whether it is the main target of another tank, giving you an instant idea of whether it would be beneficial, neutral, or insulting to focus. (This is not TankMastery’s sole functionality; it’s just a good example of an addon that provides it).

Dear Lindy,

I’m a death knight who’s just hit 80 and begun tanking random heroics. I’m still wearing mostly blues so I’m taking it slow; but it seems like every other group I get someone saying “Gogogogogo.” I tried telling one group I wasn’t geared enough, and they kicked me for it. How do I get the group off my back without pulling more than I can handle?

Gogogo in Goldshire

Dear Gogogo,

In my experience, the best way to deal with pushy group members is to call them on it. Before the random dungeon finder no one would dream of being so rude; these days, it’s easy to slip into seeing your fellow group members in dungeons as commodities, not teammates. Remind the offender how rude it is to shout “gogogo.” The direct approach is best: being nasty or even humorous will soften the point. A simple “You know, that’s incredibly rude” works wonders, forcing your teammates to see you as a player, not a scripted NPC.

Resist the urge to vote kick the offender or ragequit the group mid-pull. Using such drastic measures on a mere annoyance is diva behavior, and gives tanks everywhere a bad name.

Dear Lindy,

Did anyone actually ask any of these questions?

Skeptical in Skettis

Dear Skeptical,

No. I just wanted to write about tanking etiquette.

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